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Entrepreneurship school label 15 noviembre 2019

Motivated by the recognition of the European Entrepreneurship Region 2019, the Regional Government and the Economic and Social Agents have planned to grant the ‘Entrepreneurial School Label’ to recognize and strengthen:

  • Entrepreneurship promotion initiatives in schools of different educational levels.
  • The promotion of entrepreneurship among students, teachers, families or other agents and how this contributes to generate social change.
  • Initiatives that foster the development of skills and abilities linked to entrepreneurship and innovation such as: communication, decision making, initiative, teamwork, planning, building support networks, planning and risk taking

The criteria taken into account by the valuation commission refer to the coherence of the initiatives with respect to the Center Educational Project, its methodologies, the involvement with the real world, and the impact they may have had on students, teachers and throughout the educational community.

They have presented their candidacies 17 schools. After the assessment of the initiatives and taking into account the origin and purpose of these awards, the valuation commission decides to grant seven ‘Entrepreneurial School Label’ to promote its visibility and dissemination among the educational community. The Regional Government has decided to keep this award for years to come.

Fecha actual: 25 de Septiempre de 2020

Fecha seleccionada: Septiempre de 2020