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Foto evento Jornada “Inclusión – innovación, claves para emprender" 18 septiempre 2019

Conference organized with the Association Inserta Empleo dedicated to innovation and inclusive entrepreneurship with activities focused on promoting networking, which took place in the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses of Oviedo (Calatrava). An event that allowed to know the current trends in innovation and digitalization, the key support for inclusive entrepreneurship and the experiences of entrepreneurs with disabilities that launched their business initiatives. Inspirational and motivational presentations, round tables and a practical workshop will be combined where, through creativity, innovation and group work, they solved the current challenges of our society. During the welcome the DG of commerce, entrepreneurs and social economy stressed that the “commitment” of the government of the Principality for entrepreneurship earned him the award as European Entrepreneurial Region 2019 based on the “three pillars” on which the policies of Autonomous employment.

Fecha actual: 28 de Octubre de 2020

Fecha seleccionada: Octubre de 2020