Dr. Zafira Castaño-Corsino is an expert in immuno-oncology, trained at Harvard University and in worldwide collaboration networks that promote innovation and entrepreneurship, led by the North American Foundation IMFAHE, which she presides.

Zafira Castaño is an Asturian immuno-oncologist, with a B.Sc. Degree in Biochemistry from the University of Navarre, where she also obtained her Ph.D., and afterwards trained in the CIC Biogune/King’s College of London and Harvard University. Zafira has a great interest in the development of new immunotherapies for patients with cancer, and she enthusiastically supports worldwide collaborations. In 2015, she co-founds and presides over the North American Foundation IMFAHE (from the English initials, International Mentorship Foundation for the Advancement of Higher Education). IMFAHE is a non-profit organization that prevents brain drain and serves as a catalyst for worldwide multidisciplinary collaborations between scientists and entrepreneurs located on the world’s seven continents, by building safe bridges for collaborations between talent that has emigrated abroad, universities, local government and businesses.

In the scientific field, Zafira is the author of 14 scientific publications in high-impact scientific journals, such as “Nature Cell Biology,” “Nature Biotechnology” or “Cancer Discovery.” She is the co-inventor of a low-cost tool that enables identification of the immune cells responsible for metastatic growths (BWH no. 21719), reviewer of international dissertations, international grants and scientific journals.

For several years she has organized courses at Harvard University where she has taught Harvard graduate students the basic principles of oncology. At Harvard University, she has also been involved in improving training, advising and policies that affect young researchers. In recognition of her dedication Dr. Castaño Corsino has received the “Postdoctoral Research Fellow Leadership Award” from the BWH/Harvard Medical School in 2014, the “BWH Mentoring Award” in 2015, the "Program Award for Culture of Excellence in Mentoring" in 2016 from Harvard Medical School, and she has recently received the distinction “Asturian of the month of August 2018” from the newspaper La Nueva España, in recognition of the latest discoveries in the field of immuno-oncology, and the work carried out at the IMFAHE Foundation.

Zafira Castaño lives in Boston with her husband, Ashish Gupta, and her daughter Zaina Corsino-Gupta. She enjoys traveling with them and keeping in contact with nature.