Asturias entrepreneurial region

Network of entrepreneurship support centers

Any person who is starting a business in Asturias has access to a wide range of supportive tools. 14 business incubators financed with public funds distributed throughout the region provide basic consulting, training and support for entrepreneurs and fledgling small enterprises. Some of the incubators are financed by the Regional Government, while others are managed by the municipalities or the Chambers of Commerce. The main cities of Asturias, Gijón, Oviedo and Avilés, have developed their own structures for promoting the entrepreneurial spirit and supporting the creation of local enterprises. All the incubators are integrated into a regional network (ACEPPA).




The support for the creation and consolidation of businesses has as its goal to bridge the gap between the business idea and the market, increase the survival rate and the potential for growth and job creation. The integrated and standardized regional network will guarantee fair and easy access to the basic and specialized services, while also monitoring the activity of the different support centers. The activities that it carries out are:

  • Customized support for entrepreneurs provided by experienced consultants trained in business management, innovation and digitalization.
  • Training for developing the business model, managing innovation, finances ...
  • Close cooperation with the local interested parties (work centers, local authorities, local action groups ...)
  • Specialized programs for meeting specific needs (marketing, digitalization, technology transfer, IP management ...)

The Entrepreneurship Program also fosters the growth of newly created companies: it provides support and highly professional and customized training to the entrepreneurs, thus assisting them in developing their commercial abilities, in gaining access to public financing or private investment, in expanding internationally or digitalizing their processes and activities.