The EER distinction what it is, what it rewards

The Committee of the Regions, a European Union organization that represents the regional and local agencies, has recognized Asturias as European Entrepreneurial Region (EER) 2019. This prize honors the territories that have the most promising and visible entrepreneurial visions.


The EER candidacy of Asturias

The strategy of Asturias opts for innovation and human capital as the basis of a competitive economy, for inclusion to facilitate equal opportunity and for sustainability to promote balanced growth. The entrepreneurial vision of Asturias is:


The innovative, knowledge-based entrepreneurial spirit is fundamental to accomplish regional diversification. Improved research and human capital will serve as the two pillars of a competitive regional economy.


The entrepreneurial spirit must be promoted at all levels, and each innovative company must provide equal opportunities. The specific tools that support social entrepreneurship are: social companies, social innovation and support to the third sector and non-profit enterprises. This also requires measures to promote entrepreneurial spirit among the least represented groups, in particular among young persons and women.


The policies for entrepreneurship and innovation should contribute to the transition to a low-carbon economy. Creation of wealth and employment is necessary to conserve and harness the region’s natural resources by promoting territorially balanced development.

And this is based on two fundamental pillars:

Entrepreneurial Education. Asturias is in the process of implementing an integrated itinerary for Entrepreneurial Education, which covers all of the region’s educational levels and centers. Throughout their schooling, students develop entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and attitudes on a progressive basis from elementary education to secondary education and the university. These programs, aimed at specific educational levels, are part of a holistic approach to education for entrepreneurship that involves the entire school community (students, teachers, families and the local community) and intends to disseminate and incorporate the culture of entrepreneurship.
Support for business creation and growth. The Entrepreneurship Program 2019 is designed to provide comprehensive support for the entire entrepreneurship itinerary, from promotion of entrepreneurial culture to the consolidation and growth of businesses. There is an integrated, standardized regional network that will guarantee fair and easy access to the basic and specialized services. For the launch of newly created companies, it provides support and highly professional and customized training to the entrepreneurs, thus assisting them in developing their commercial abilities, in gaining access to public financing or private investment, in expanding internationally or digitalizing their processes and activities. The support for the creation and consolidation of businesses has as its goal to bridge the gap between the business idea and the market, increase the survival rate and the potential for growth and job creation.

Good practices

As examples of good practices of this policy strategy, here are two initiatives whose innovation has been recognized internationally:

The Program for Entrepreneurial Culture of Valnalón, which promotes the entrepreneurial spirit at all educational levels with social, cultural and economic projects and innovation projects that involve the educational community and the socio-economic environment, and the program Open Innovation 4.0 of IDEPA and CEEI, which endeavors to attract emerging companies to the market and streamline their path, thanks to the work that they carry out together with large-scale, consolidated companies, with which they take on a series of technological challenges.

2019 an exciting year, full of activity

There will be dozens of events and collaborative initiatives organized by the partnership throughout the year, which will include prizes, seminars, workshops and roadshows with regional, national and international impact. In addition, there will be a singular initiative: ambassadors who represent the best values of innovation and entrepreneurship in Asturias. A year of cooperation to showcase the talent and innovation from Asturias.