In 2006, David Hernández Santos received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Oviedo.

During 2005, David combined the writing of his dissertation with development of the Business Plan of the company DropSens, S.L. During this period, David also received training on the topics of creation and management of (bio-)technological companies and on the management of R+D and innovation from a business perspective.

In 2006, together with Pablo Fanjul and Agustín Costa, David founded DropSens where he worked as General Manager, and is currently CEO of the recently created Metrohm DropSens, S.L., a product of the acquisition of DropSens by the multinational Metrohm. DropSens began its activity with one product in its portfolio, the screen-printed carbon electrode, and it currently features more than 200 products, intended mainly for research in chemical sensor development.

David is also currently investment partner in the companies BioQuoChem, S.L., and Apps to Enjoy, S.L.