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Asturias about us, our location

The Principality of Asturias is situated in the heart of the green northwestern Spain, on the Iberian Peninsula.

It is a region that has undergone a profound economic restructuring, with its traditional industry turning into a dynamic metropolitan area, where global industrial groups and local small and medium-sized enterprises have found the right conditions for prospering. The constant, ongoing effort and the different approaches utilized to overcome the social and economic consequences of industrial decline have begun to produce results. This transformation is making progress, but it must be completed.

A close-knit metropolitan area, a strong industrial fabric and a very cohesive social structure are the legacy of its early and intense industrial development.

The region’s industrial model, based on coal mining and heavy industries, experienced prosperity under protectionist policies, but it suffered when it was exposed to international competition. The transition to a low-carbon, knowledge-based business economy constitutes a new challenge, but it is also an opportunity to complete the transformation of the production model.

Entrepreneurship and innovation are regarded as the new bases for the social and economic recovery of Asturias. The policies of the Regional Government and the main social and economic players provide strong support for both of these mainstays by way of social dialog and the association.

The Agreement on Economic Competitiveness and Social Sustainability (ACESS) of 2016 is the most recent of a series of social and economic agreements that set up the framework for policies, which are afterwards elaborated with programs for different sectors or with different themes.

On this basis, during the past two decades, Asturias has developed a sophisticated support system for entrepreneurial innovation and spirit. This policy framework for Entrepreneurship and Innovation also reflects the guidelines and recommendations of the European Union, including the Small Business Act, the Green Action Plan and the Europe 2020 Strategy.